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Welcome to Popsurrealisme.com, the website of artist Saskia Franken-Saers. In her Pop Surrealism and Portraits gallery you'll find a summary of her current artwork, containing illustrations, paintings and portraits.

From Fantasy to Popsurrealism

Although Saskia has been drawing all her life, she was getting serious about her work in 2010, after having taken a break of several years. First she started with fantasy inspired illustrations and paintings. Usually pretty and friendly fairies. But while gaining more experience in drawing and painting, her style evolved. Nowadays an illustration or painting has a thought or meaning behind it. Saskia has also started researching proportions. If you compare her current artwork with an illustration she created in 2010, you will see a great difference. For instance, the heads are now much larger in comparison to the bodies, and the main focus is on the big eyes. Saskia doesn't like to be labeled, but if you should label her artwork, then it probably falls in the category of Pop Surrealism.

What is Pop-Surrealism?

Pop surrealism is another name for lowbrow. The lowbrow movement started in Los Angeles in the Seventies. It's a collective name for streetart, underground comics, punk music, and tiki and hot rod influences. Often there is a sense of humor or satire in this kind of art. Like with all art movements, pop surrealism has evolved through the years.
Lowbrow or pop surrealism is only now starting to be accepted as an artform, thanks to pop surrealism artists like Mark Ryden, Jasmine Beckett Griffith and Camilla d'Errico.

Lowbrow to Saskia personally is easy accessible art. It can be attractive to both well known art connoisseurs, as to the ordinary person who simply likes attractive pictures.
To Saskia pop surrealism is a way of expressing herself. In it she can weave her deeper thoughts, although this may not always be obvious to the spectator.

Saskia's Gallery

Here you will find a summary of Saskia's current artwork. Her illustrations and paintings are divided in categories and series. Are you interested in buying an original painting or drawing, then take a look in her store, or contact Saskia through e-mail.
Recently her portfolio has expanded with painted 3D objects.

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